April 26, 2010

ohoiiii..sory my blog..quite a long tyme i don't write here..maybe busy with my unconsequental activities...har3..last week i've go to bukit merah laketOwn resort..at last mnjadi gak trip y x diplan nyh..syok abes..i 've memorable experience with bomerang..har3..love it so much..i rse like nak mati ja...rupa2nya idop ag..that tyme wani n fairoz with their bf..umi ngan erfan..huk3..ain n i just alone..har3..terpkse being a les for a while..then nseb baik i de ajak boy gang...de gak kawan2..wlawpon x mnyelerakan..har3..
..now i feel that facebook is no more interesting social utilities for me as every day days n night asek main menatang nyh ja..quite bored at home again n again..n everytime i on9..the same story wii appear..the same story..same chat buddy..wekk..nk muntah..
..days by days i feel nothing in my life is useful..including me..har3..dont know why...mmhh..ok i want to change my life..chane..change..yeah..hopefully..coming soon