May 15, 2010

hepi teacher's day....

to all my teachers yang maybe terbaca blog nyh...i wish you all happy teacher's for me i really appreciate you all..cikgu latipah,on lay wah,cheang,cikgu mat zain,cikgu rahilah(sek jalan menteri)...i still remember all your lovely faces..until now,you are the best and wonderful primary teacher for me..nothing special from me..but just a wishh n hopefully you succceed in planting the best seeds..
in mrsm lenggong..the best school for me...the teachers are really kind but the scariest was ms fay..oo...until're the winner..har3..others are so kind..i can feel that u are some of my own friends as i can make fun with you all..i really miss that momment..especially cikgu dzul..
cikgu seni reka..i falling for you..wahhh3x.., mathematics teacher,nice n sweat..har3..
mr.omar sartivel...i love u so much..without u i never know all da formulas..because of u i get a in my mat subject in my pmr..the funniest thing was the tyme all student and including you sleep in da last period class...har3...
ustaz ruzaini...hurmm..good ustaz..n coz of u i go to suraw every day...hik3..
sapa lagi yek??
cikgu ali...most romentic teacher ever...CUTE son and daughter...hopefully..
sir anan..the tallest n darkest english teacher...i love his class as every day we can make fun together...sometimes out of silibus..har3
mrsm taiping...hurmm...boring as discipline is no one...but that make me a human..
first:cikgu her deep in my heart...she never give up in helping my batch...n for me she succeed in change my batch n also the world..wahh..
cikgu wan...hurmm..firstly i really suffer with what so ever she was doing ang that really makes me down...down...n down..but as i think rationally,i know that she has her own reason..btw,thank you n i love you....
cikgu saadah...short but high level a good sister to me...u re a wonderful addmath teacher ever n ever...i always hope that she will meet her soulmates..
mama noriah....cikgu y rioh semesta alam..har3...i've got both happy n sad momment with her...
but never forget...cikgu salwa...i always shere my problems with her as she such a mom to me...
to all other teacher...sory if you're not on list...but i never forget u all

May 5, 2010

budak2 tadika mak aku...wah smalam aku bosan gile tngok budak2 nyh siap...mekap2 kalah orang tua...comei la jgak..papepon, aku xpnah suke bdak2...ahaa was my bfday...aha...having a simple day just perfect for me..but it seems so 6.30a.m ,i've woke up n get ready to my mum kindergarten..wah,my mum had a suprise for me...rupa2nya dah da birthday cake there..har3...amek la saki baki cake y tnggai today i celebrate birthday ngan budak tadika jelah..not bad..

May 3, 2010

my becoming birthday....tomorrow

my dear blog..
so excited about birthday is just around da corner..har..actually nothing is special about my im alone celebrating my usual for every year..nway...
tomorrow,i really hope to have just oke...but more is dreaming...

May 2, 2010

happy for a while

halo..what a stupid day eyes klip blinking twice a minute..arghh...maybe i wake up too early this morning..har3..da stupid cat pnye pasal la...har3
yesterday is quite interesting day for lastly upu rsult keluar...n alhamdullilah i get asasi sains hayat universiti last im happy with this result..thanks god!!! mum really happy as she really wants me to be her idol allahyarham sudirman n aznil had study there..har3..but smalam quite frust as some of my friends had know their result but i know a little bit late as computer jam larh..oho..last week i feel so frust..i can't folow trip to taiping sentral with all friend..kire reunion gitu..xpe larh..maybe xde rzeki kan..
okeyh...about today..pagi2 lagi i dah siap nak klua..x pg mna pon ..just kdai usual every sunday morning msti bli others say newspaper is like hot coffee in the morning..yummy..then i enter supermarket nearby..then my mum say just take what i want..than i grab kit kat..a cadburry..sneakers n coki2 for happy..ahaa