April 11, 2010

livE chaNgEss....

today, i had bought a lovely pink t-shirt and this is my first..tetibe je crave with pinky stuff..If dulu ,i won't pegang bnde2 y ada unsur2 pink nyh...rse cam nak kna samak je ble terpegang..har3..tyme skola dulu,i always jeer pinky girl as for me pink is synonym to pampered and absolutely gedik..sian sume pinky2 girl y kna ngan ak dulu...sorry girls..but that is too old fashion opinion..now i'm feel quite feminine..har3..aura pompuan da msok..
...dulu jugak,i'm really a negative person ..it is so hard for me to think in a positive way..i'll think badly to nefarious and nescient people..lagi2, orang yang ada buat haram jadah ngan ak..mmg kne la ngan mulot lazer ak nyhh..
...one more,i mmg hate good person..especially jack of all trade boy..why they always show their kindness..niceness..politeness???..huh..rimas..actually i know they're good pretender..if girl ,they'll pretending in front boy..vice versa..
...for me bad is just nice what..hate to be niggle it just wasting of time and energy..
but now , i've change a lot now..har3..positive thinker..n love fogiveness..
now,i nk jadi more nonchalant..cool..and i want to explore more..so that boleh pretending like others..har3
...you all x rsa ka hypocryte tu the most important aspect in life???...its really true..actully all of us are good actor/actress...although x msok dunia seni...in front our friend..teachers..parents..boyfriend/girlfriend..or maybe gay or lesbian partner..har3..we will act lain2 kan...!!...so jom jadi hypocryte as this will help us kan2..ok la..chow...