April 16, 2010


today when i open my eyes,my brain scatter again ...it's all about my annoying kitten..actually this kitten is too strange as its respiration canel is not supporting itself..quite sad ler to see it can't breath in proper way...but deep in my heart(cehh)..i love it so much as i start advocate since small and it was my bedfellow..har3..but every morning it start meOwing at my ear...as it want it's breakfast..lawan tokey lak..ak pon xbreakfast ag...

...last day,having a trip to lata tebing tinggi@laketOwn selama..quite interesting and enjoyable evening trip..har3..but the funny is,i don't really prepare and all was tangkap muat..har3..ttibe je kne terjah ngan ain...cilakebabehh..actually at first my mum don't agree last minute plan..but at last she lose..har3..

...soon i'll joining the hundred of school leavers entering the world of the adults..childhood seems to have lasted such a short time and i wish that could last longer ..but impossible larhh...the next phase of my life will require that i choose a career ,at least some kind of employment ,but this was the scariest phase..

but dulu i'm not i'm not inclined towards any career in particular..scatterbrain..most of my friend know exactly what they will study and what they want to do in the future..but not me..har3..but now i've divulge with all this stuff...
alhamdullilah..dulu anything seems all right to me..however after thinking and again i've consider my mom and i'll try not to displease her..
ok now..chow