April 7, 2010

LakEtOwn tRip..

....this evening,im feel quite disappointed about our plan to bukit merah laketOwn resort...mmula,i nk boicott this trip..it is like an inconsequential trip..lastly i terseronok nak join trip nyhh..har3..cam bodO jee..pstu mlm nyh ain comment kat wall dy about trip tu...it is cancelled...her nephew msok hospital..maybe ade tumor near ovary dy..n some say that this trip might be postpone..aa..biarr la..anytime i can spend my tyme to mandi manda...lg2 main air...haa..

....hoo..tomorrow,my day will be bored as usual..hummm..waaa..next trip ble plak???..
Learn from yesterday, live for today, hope for tomorrow..lovely quotes,i had used this quotes since i started my day at mrsm taiping..it really helpful..we must learn all things in every aspect from our experiences..and all the experiences come from YESTERDAY..right??live for today..and i will always hoping to be the best for tomorrow..but the best is YESTERDAY...

all my troubles seemed so far away,
now it looks as though they're here to stay
oh,i believe in yesterday..

i'm not half the man i used to be,
there's a shadow hangging over me
oh ,yesterday came suddenly

love was such an easy game to play
now i need a place to hide away,
oh,i believe in yesterday...

i luv this song...har3