June 24, 2011

handsOme n oldEr than mE...thats all ya

yeah...i've got my new resolution...for this year i really wanna find a boyfriend that older than me...but not much babe..about six or five year older,n not older a year or two...aha...but why..???actually its all based on my experience(wahhh..penipu tu)...alrite pencarian ini bakal bermula bulan smilan ni...(muka semangat)...anyone who had read this post hope to tell your bro or kawan tua2 anda...kalau boley nak macam muka ala2 indon campur bugis

future husband background:

  1. handsome(kalau boleh as above lah..nak jugak ^.^)

  2. work as teacher...mm lecturer lah..!!

  3. family with low profile background..but it most beautiful if u're orphan..(balik raya xyah gadow2)

  4. he can assure me to give CUTE boy n girl (bukan janji tapi PASTI)

  5. there is the possibility/probability to get rich..(even a teacher)

  6. must have a PhD..(at least)

  7. orang tua yang agak sengal..

  8. a raconteur...a man who like to play joke with my children

  9. not a man who is squalidly love squabbling

  10. a raciest man..hahah

  11. hate a preoccupied man

okay...to anyone with the above features..u can easily buy pin no at nearest bsn counter and register online okay..^.^

June 20, 2011

hatiku milikmu

disisimu aku terdiam seribu bahasa...
di hatiku bergetar sejuta rasa..
namun sukarku meluahkan...
kucinta padamu...

nafasku terhenti bila melihat dirimu..
terasa batas degupan jantungku...
mungkinkah hatimu milikku jua...
ku sayang padamu...

June 17, 2011


..if one day u're crying,just let me know..but i don't promise to make you smile again..

..but still i can cry with you friend..

..if one day you have problem,let me know..

..i don't promise to solve your problem..

..but still i can hear and share your problem..sebab orang kata kalau kongsi masalah boleh jadi ringan..kan..

..if one day you are alone...let me know..

..i don't promise to acompany you..

..but at least i can be peneman sjati awak..

..dunia dah maju..awak boleh skype ngn saye..

..tapi kredit saye x bnyak nak kol awak..


June 16, 2011

Obedient Wives Club

KELAB TAAT SUAMI...i was like wAH when i know the exsistence of this club..sounds cool man...!!but i was puzzled because taat means "loyal" and suami means "husband"..knape x letak je loyal husband club....aish2..xley2...ini bukannya GOOGLE TRANSLATE..har3..the first suggestion from this club is " wife should pleased their husband like first-class prostitute ,so that they can maintain their marriage"...hurmmmm...prostitute???...this make me think twice...is that mak cik jiran sblah ni pon pelacur????...

June 11, 2011

pengantin remaja

hello...watcha doin?allrite now i do like to tell about a sinetron that i like so..hurm..pengantin remaja 2pm-3pm at 104...as i watch the first episode i've fallen in love with the hero...this story is based on love story between two couple that has been joined by their grandfather since they are small...at last they meet when amel and fabian meet at school...at school fabian is amel's caunsellor..then they make love at school between a teacher and student..then ,the most funny antagonist character is cikgu faridah...she looks so stupid with this character...the way she seduce fabian and she act make me laugh for one hour..har3...i do like the way amel and fabian make up their love...although they are constantly fighting but at last they will end up with a romentic scene..im always imagine if i was the heroin...urww....shioknyer...aish xyah nak gatal sngat lah kan....

June 4, 2011

Debbie Gibson - Lost in your eyes (live)

for YOU...:)

Peterpan -Mimpi yang sempurna

still remember the way you sing this song to me..im melting like ice cream kat padang pasir...whoa

Dewa 19 - Angin


mm...love come and go...just that way...love is now or never...??
actually i dont want to write about love3 in this mACHO blog but today i do like to write about this...aha..!
"kalau tengah becinta,taik gigi pon rasa cokelat"...that is really true...love is sometimes make people happy...n this is from my friends experience..there was a friend in PASUM...i know that she is really in love with his boyfriend..then she keeps smiling although in tough condition...e.g during tutorial class or lecture she looks okay even tough she don't understand SEPATAH HARAm pon...hmm...for me it is really dangerous making love during study..hmm...but for the other side it is quite good as we might have mate to make date ,breakfast.,lunch , dinner or what so ever..then there is a place for us to express our feeling right?...but the most important thing is that JANGAN SAMPAI LUPA MAK BAPAK...becinta ,becinta jugak....
it turn the other way round kalau clash..."gula pon rasa masam"...i've been watching in cerekarama...sampai demam3 clash tu...tudia...but it was real right..!!but for me, if u love somebody don't be too hopeful because love can come and go just that way...please love that person just the way he/she is...i hate boy who want his girl to change or turn to other people...heii boy if u really love me, take me as who i am la....

June 3, 2011


fly me to the moon..and let me play among the star...seriously at this moment i am so bored...nothing to do with nothing...har3...huh..! amende aku mrepek nih..aha..let me tell about PMS...premenstrual syndrome...pms is a wide physical or emotional symptoms that typically occur about 5 to 11 days before a women starts her monthly menstrual cycle..but this will stop when menstruation begin , or shortly thereafter..dan seNGUGUT...owh really painful..for your information man, senggugut is more painful than your toothache...that was so fuck during my spm 2009, during biologi paper...aku senggugut...!!!banggang siak..it was like satan go into my body..mengila lah aku...almost my tears drop onto my answer paper...n i did answer the essay badly n that was the reason i got a- for that paper...n the most important things in that i must be really prepared with pink-menstrual panadol in my bag..


Akademi Fantasia....this is my favourite tv show..LANTAK LA if some say that this reality tv shows was like LAGHA...but the thing is KESAH LAK AKU.... i feel so enjoy watching either diary or concert for the 3rd time or 4th time...har3...for this last season i choose HAZAMA as the winner...although he was 34 and quite old,but his voice really make me CAER DOWH...besides he is also a good and talented comedian...he has a good voice and lot of experiences...for me he is not a singer but a PERFORMER [ayat faizal tahir]....then about azri...for the first ,before hazama was in AF, i make azri as the best but sooner ,he turn bad but he still become my 2nd hero...fina and lena are so control about their appearance...gedik gurls...lena is so bad as she always show her dO-i-care-face....but the most fucking thing is FINA got the IMMUNITY and she is now the finalist for AF9 and she don't have to perform in concert for this week...then eirul...he got talent..he got package...he got his own style..kpop..and i think he will go with his own style..then i hope all the contestant will succeed with their career...gtg bye..