June 24, 2011

handsOme n oldEr than mE...thats all ya

yeah...i've got my new resolution...for this year i really wanna find a boyfriend that older than me...but not much babe..about six or five year older,n not older a year or two...aha...but why..???actually its all based on my experience(wahhh..penipu tu)...alrite pencarian ini bakal bermula bulan smilan ni...(muka semangat)...anyone who had read this post hope to tell your bro or kawan tua2 anda...kalau boley nak macam muka ala2 indon campur bugis

future husband background:

  1. handsome(kalau boleh as above lah..nak jugak ^.^)

  2. work as teacher...mm lecturer lah..!!

  3. family with low profile background..but it most beautiful if u're orphan..(balik raya xyah gadow2)

  4. he can assure me to give CUTE boy n girl (bukan janji tapi PASTI)

  5. there is the possibility/probability to get rich..(even a teacher)

  6. must have a PhD..(at least)

  7. orang tua yang agak sengal..

  8. a raconteur...a man who like to play joke with my children

  9. not a man who is squalidly love squabbling

  10. a raciest man..hahah

  11. hate a preoccupied man

okay...to anyone with the above features..u can easily buy pin no at nearest bsn counter and register online okay..^.^