June 3, 2011


fly me to the moon..and let me play among the star...seriously at this moment i am so bored...nothing to do with nothing...har3...huh..! amende aku mrepek nih..aha..let me tell about PMS...premenstrual syndrome...pms is a wide physical or emotional symptoms that typically occur about 5 to 11 days before a women starts her monthly menstrual cycle..but this will stop when menstruation begin , or shortly thereafter..dan seNGUGUT...owh really painful..for your information man, senggugut is more painful than your toothache...that was so fuck during my spm 2009, during biologi paper...aku senggugut...!!!banggang siak..it was like satan go into my body..mengila lah aku...almost my tears drop onto my answer paper...n i did answer the essay badly n that was the reason i got a- for that paper...n the most important things in that i must be really prepared with pink-menstrual panadol in my bag..