June 3, 2011


Akademi Fantasia....this is my favourite tv show..LANTAK LA if some say that this reality tv shows was like LAGHA...but the thing is KESAH LAK AKU.... i feel so enjoy watching either diary or concert for the 3rd time or 4th time...har3...for this last season i choose HAZAMA as the winner...although he was 34 and quite old,but his voice really make me CAER DOWH...besides he is also a good and talented comedian...he has a good voice and lot of experiences...for me he is not a singer but a PERFORMER [ayat faizal tahir]....then about azri...for the first ,before hazama was in AF, i make azri as the best but sooner ,he turn bad but he still become my 2nd hero...fina and lena are so control about their appearance...gedik gurls...lena is so bad as she always show her dO-i-care-face....but the most fucking thing is FINA got the IMMUNITY and she is now the finalist for AF9 and she don't have to perform in concert for this week...then eirul...he got talent..he got package...he got his own style..kpop..and i think he will go with his own style..then i hope all the contestant will succeed with their career...gtg bye..