August 17, 2011

dangerous symptoms

you are nearly get into love world if u have the following symptoms :

1-do feel so excited when u get a message from him_*rasa nak panjat klcc then lompat

2-type+delete then retype to reply that message n it may take 10 minutes_*konon nak tulis ayat yang palin best la ~but the fact is that guy baca message u skali lalu jep =P
3-think million of time to text him
4-do feel like heaven when he was in your notifications_*thought he just liking yr post

5-log in fb-->type his name at search box-->check out apa yang dia tulis semalam,harini,minggu lepas,taun lepas-->check noti*kot2 dia ada like photo ka heee-->lompat tiga kali kalau dia like post--->baru bukak profile anda--->check chat box *kalau2 dy online

6-if that boy tgah on9 then anda pon berfikir2 who will start chat dengan anda*sambil harap dia start dulu

7-if he x start2 jugak then u will like his post or whatever _maybe dy tak perasan anda tengah on9_*sambil berharap dy perasan anda

8-then after patiently wait for half n hour then u lah akan start chat kan_*sambil buat2 belagak saja2 nak tnya kabar-deeply inside malu siak-->xsabar tunggu dy reply

9-bila terserempak , buat2 tak taw @xnampak@bajet nothing happen but terribly wait for him to text u n tel "hey just now i nampak macam u kat mall tadi" n seriously if this happen then u'll keep smiling for more than a week*senyum basi

10-kalau that boy give u a phone call then u'll rasa shy2 dog then keep waitin for his call the following day*do feel like kena electric shock when yr phone ring

:::::::::just wanna tell u , if u have 5 out of ten symptoms then for sure anda sudah nak masuk alam love *cewahh cam taik ayat__but like what i said before , dont be too excited in a reletionship