May 2, 2010

happy for a while

halo..what a stupid day eyes klip blinking twice a minute..arghh...maybe i wake up too early this morning..har3..da stupid cat pnye pasal la...har3
yesterday is quite interesting day for lastly upu rsult keluar...n alhamdullilah i get asasi sains hayat universiti last im happy with this result..thanks god!!! mum really happy as she really wants me to be her idol allahyarham sudirman n aznil had study there..har3..but smalam quite frust as some of my friends had know their result but i know a little bit late as computer jam larh..oho..last week i feel so frust..i can't folow trip to taiping sentral with all friend..kire reunion gitu..xpe larh..maybe xde rzeki kan..
okeyh...about today..pagi2 lagi i dah siap nak klua..x pg mna pon ..just kdai usual every sunday morning msti bli others say newspaper is like hot coffee in the morning..yummy..then i enter supermarket nearby..then my mum say just take what i want..than i grab kit kat..a cadburry..sneakers n coki2 for happy..ahaa