July 12, 2012

ORTHOTICS ~ insole

actually this is one of the early orthosis that me n my friends did in our lab..actually i din know exactlly what is the function of this stuff . As i read on some of the WEB, i got to know that this insole is actually for some purposes.sorry Mr.Sadeeq yr book is too heavy to carry home!!.Some people are using insole due to some of the biomechanical problem, such as:
  1. heel pain
  2. ball of foot pain
  3. achilles tendonitis
  4. knee pain
  5. and sometimes low back pain
insole is a device that can be place inside shoe to correct and restore the normal function of the feet.As example for people with over pronation,or their foot are likely flatten (foot arch drop) while the feet and ankle roll inwards.It is anticipated about 70% of the population suffer from the over- pronation.The insole then help to correct this over pronation effect by restoring the feet and ankles to their normal position desired for normal foot functioning. This will not only help to alleviates the foot but also give relief various other function of the body.

the insole

the positive cast